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Our goal is to use our combined thirty years of business and finance experience to help fund and scale businesses to become industry leaders.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation helps to arrange growth capital for businesses, through its vast network of investors, where traditional banks and lenders fall short.

With expertise and relationships cultivated from three decades of experience, our team at Solomon RC Ali Corporation consults with businesses seeking growth capital, evaluates and analyzes your company’s current infrastructure and financial model, conducts thorough due diligence of your company’s financial records, packages your business to present to investors, and helps you to arrange capital through direct access to our network of investors and lenders.

Arranging growth capital for your business can help with funding to meet your payroll, purchase new equipment, scale your operations, restructure your business’ current debt, and expand your market share through mergers and acquisitions.

We also consult with businesses on the most effective methods for streamlining payroll, improving employee retention, hiring key personnel, building out infrastructure, and preparing for and obtaining working capital or financing. Our team can help you repackage your idea, existing business, and business plan to make your company more financeable.

Would you like to potentially make a minimum 15% return, or, in some cases, as high as 3000% in a single year on an investment? Although there are no guarantees, history has proven that our financial formula can garner such results. When looking to expand your portfolio through investing in emerging companies poised to become industry leaders, Solomon RC Ali Corporation has its finger on the pulse, identifying the next profitable disruptors ahead of the curve. Financial history repeats itself, and there are enormous opportunities to invest in early-stage companies. Across the board, early stage investing is the key to higher profitability and higher returns on your investment.

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We bring a combined thirty years of experience in investor relations, investment banking, business mergers and acquisitions, corporate structure, marketing strategies, asset management and raising investment capital; and our team of consultants have collectively managed and successfully closed more than 140 mergers and acquisitions. 

As a corporate executive, our CEO, Mr. Solomon Ali, has served as Chief Executive Officer of the private equity company, Rainco Industries. Throughout his career he has managed up to 500 employees at a given time, has generated $100 million in assets for his various companies, and arranged more than $250 million in structured investment capital and financing throughout his career in finance. Companies established with Solomon’s efforts and expertise across the technology and energy sectors have earned more than $118 million in gross sales in a single year.

In addition, Mr. Ali is CEO of NDR Energy Group, one of the largest minority owned energy companies in the United States, and owner of multiple technology patents licensed exclusively through licensor EyeTalk 365. Mr. Ali is poised to corner the smart home technology market.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation has the ability to help you identify what is best for your company’s growth through our experienced business lens.

Our Team Will Consult and Guide You In:

  • Raising Investment Capital
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Efforts 
  • Asset Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Contract Procurement
  • Leadership Development
  • Board Development