About Mr. Solomon RC Ali


My goal is to use my thirty years of business and finance experience to help fund and scale businesses to become industry leaders 
– Solomon RC Ali

If you’ve used a doorbell in the last 5 years, odds are you’ve touched Solomon’s legacy. And if you’ve ever wanted a richer financial life for your family and yourself, you’ll want to listen to Solomon’s wisdom. 

As the key executive behind some of today’s most-utilized tech innovations (such as the Ring™ Doorbell), Solomon and his team have improved the quality of lives and saved countless lives by using their gifts and talents to disrupt not one but two industries. Solomon is a businessman and self-made millionaire who owns the Solomon RC Ali Corporation – and plays a pivotal role in numerous other companies. 

Born in modest means in South Central Los Angeles, and raised in West Covina, Solomon has made a fortune, lost a fortune, and re-made it multiple times over. He’s a man who has been from just “cents to his name” … to the top 1 percent of Americans. 

As an Army veteran and small-business owner, Ali took the lessons of his parents to heart as he embarked on various business ventures. In this “first phase” of his career, his biggest was a chain of nursing home and assisted-living facilities which spanned multiple locations and was worth tens of millions.

Yet, due to financial mismanagement and other factors, Solomon lost his business – and millions of dollars. Feeling dejected, Ali regrouped and prayed, even taking a labor job on a barge in Louisiana at one point. Yet, he never gave up hope – or abandoned his principles. 

During this “second phase” of his career, Solomon has found renewal in helping identify and invest in minority-owned businesses, leading them to great heights alongside his own company. What he found was that through helping others, he found purpose … and great fortune. 

One of the companies he oversees as CEO owns the intellectual property for the technology licensed by Ring™ Doorbell, which is owned by Amazon. Not only did he arrange investment capital in the company, he also restructured it and positioned it for massive success as a licensing company. 

As CEO of the Solomon RC Ali Corporation, his focus is providing business and financial consulting services to privately-owned and publicly traded companies. Solomon and his team have completed over 140 mergers and acquisitions, and have raised over $250 million in structured investment capital and financing. As an investor, Solomon has helped market cap to increase gains greater than 300:1 allowing investors to achieve significant profits.

In addition, Ali has been an officer and director of 3 publicly-traded companies where he was responsible for restructuring the company and arranging investment capital for its operations and growth. 

And now, his experience, perspective and wisdom are available to you.

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