About Mr. Solomon RC Ali


My goal is to use my thirty years of business and finance experience to help fund and scale businesses to become industry leaders 
– Solomon RC Ali

Solomon knew he was an entrepreneur at a young age when he made and sold sling shots in his neighborhood. This early experience with finance and cash flow was the first of many businesses that Solomon built from the ground up. With over 35 years of industry experience, Solomon and his team have completed over 140 mergers and acquisitions and has raised over $250M in structured investment capital and financing.

Of the publicly traded companies on NASDAQ, the NYSE and the OTC Markets, only 13, (.001%), of these companies are controlled and managed by African Americans. Solomon has served as a Director and Officer of 3 of the 13

African American controlled & managed publicly traded companies. He also arranged capital for investment in the intellectual property behind products such as the video doorbell and smart home security systems. In addition, Mr. Ali partnered with private equity companies to raise capital for companies in the energy, technology, and, healthcare
industries. Solomon is currently evaluating various emerging companies demonstrating key criteria such as problem solving, scalability, and unique concepts.

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