Investment Strategies


Would you like to potentially make a minimum 15% return or, in some cases, as high as 3000% in a single year on your investment? Although there are no guarantees, history has proven that our financial formula can garner such results.

When looking to expand your portfolio through investing in emerging companies poised to be become industry leaders, Solomon RC Ali Corporation has its finger on the pulse to identify the next profitable disruptors across each of their respective industries. Financial history repeats itself, and there are enormous opportunities to invest in early-stage companies, just as those who invested in early stage Facebook, Amazon and Uber, consequently earning returns from 15% to some as high as 2000% and more, depending upon when they invested. Across the board, early investing is the key to higher profitability and returns.

Our Investment Strategies professionals build client portfolios across a broad range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, alternatives, and multi-asset class solutions, to customize client solutions that meet their unique investment objectives.