Taking Your Company Public


We work with a team of experienced professionals, helping your business to become a publicly -traded company while raising capital with the goal of expanding.

Solomon and his team will tailor the best option for becoming a publicly-traded company.  Additionally, we can guide you in the process of  venture capital as an exit strategy.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation helps companies raise capital to invest in future operations, expansion, or acquisitions.  Our excellent relationships with investment banks help you to make crucial decisions such as the number and price of the shares that will be issued, working with underwriting, and ownership of shares.

Our DPO/IPO or Reverse Merger strategy Increases public awareness, generating publicity by making products known to a new group of potential customers.  We guide businesses to help them increase market share.  We use a public company by way of IPO or reverse merger to fund individuals/businesses as an exit strategy or cash in on successful companies that they helped start-up.

Solomon and his team will bring three distinct advantages: we can provide capital in a critical time during your company’s growth, we’ll you how to retain and engage your employees by offering a stake in the company, and we will provide an exit strategy for your shareholders and your company.