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  • Solomon’s Picks

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    In order to better serve you and expand your investing skill set. I have created a space where you can locate current companies that I personally see excelling in the four main areas (pillars) of sustainability and growth. These for indicators will always include Management, Reinvestment of Management's Capital, Triple Digit Growth and Industry Growth Standards. By utilizing Solomon’s Picks, all of these attributing factors have been researched and validated in order to share our findings with you. This is impactful information for any investor, whether seasoned or novice.

  • The Solomon RC Ali Ignite Tool

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    Solomon RC Ali Corp brings you a platform that every investor needs. Ignite your financial status and surround yourself with experts that have over 35+ years of experience. This easy-to-use system provides company information in a compact way that is also easy to understand. As a result, our teams have been able to produce over 3,000% returns for our clients. Make a sound decision faster, make your money work for you, and all in one place. We understand that deciding on which company to invest in is not easy, but we believe that you can make the right decision with the right tools. Our teams include beneficiaries for early investment, such as Facebook, and have reached the benefit of being able to invest early to make huge returns. Your time is valuable. Watch company portfolios increase while the rest of the world waits to begin sharing stock news. Try Ignite with our 3 Day Free Trial. Get Basic, Pro, or Premium access to the Solomon RC Ali Ignite Tool, and you have the option to pay on a yearly or monthly billing cycle.