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Solomon RC Ali, born in Los Angeles California, is a brilliant entrepreneur and consultant who can be compared to the likes of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright, John D. Rockefeller, and let’s not forget Steve Jobs. These Famous men were innovators in the business community and had a drive and focus that went beyond the fundamental classroom teachings.

We use them as examples because Solomon, like them, was motivated by an undeniable desire to explore all facets of his passion seeking knowledge from conventional and nonconventional resources. As a result of this motivation, he has created in himself an expert in financial engineering and raisinginvestment capital. He has cultivated a skill set that encompasses investor relations, investment banking, mergers, acquisitions, corporate structuring,and marketing and asset management.

During the past 28 years, he has effectively invested and traded stocks and has brought multiple companies considerable financial growth and success. As a consultant, he has efficiently restructured numerous troubled companies not only by providing financial assistance, but by implementing new policies, improved systems and procedures. Consequently, Solomon has steadily improved companies’ operations and capitalization values.

Solomon Ali continuously helps the small business owners grow their companies by teaching them to understand all current business and regulatory climates. In addition, he has positioned himself, and a core group of investors and followers, to be able to provide millions of dollars in capital and funding opportunities for struggling companies. Although he is a champion for small business many large companies seek his advice concerning corporate finance and capital raises.

As a Corporate Executive, he serves in the capacity of Officer and Director of several publically traded companies providing leadership in the re-organization process and solid evaluation and due diligence advice in the growth by acquisition business model. Solomon’s capabilities have expandedto include corporate valuation, capitalization structure, development of Private Placement Memoranda, business plans, client positioning, managing the investment process with securities attorneys and accountants for SEC and FINRA regulatory compliance and corporate registration filings.

To date, Solomon RC Ali has been the principal consultant in over 150 acquisitions and has assisted in arranging billions in investment capital. A passionate professional, a talented and trusted advisor and mentor; Solomon RC Ali’s goal is to continue to provide sound advice and strong leadership to companies that look to him for his compelling qualities and capabilities.