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MBA 32 Anthony Williams | Day Trading


Gone are the days when those working for large financial institutions and brokerages were the only ones who could trade actively in the stock market. With the rise of online trading houses, any average individual investor can now get in on the game. Though it can be a very lucrative career, day trading can also be very challenging for those who don’t have a well-planned strategy. Joining Solomon Ali on today’s show is Anthony Williams, a day trader with a true talent in numbers. Anthony was once featured in a financial magazine for making $28,000 in a day. Today, you will hear about how he got started and honed his talent, as well as learn his secrets to day trading success. 

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Day Trading Success Secrets With Anthony Williams 

Anthony so glad to see you here magnify your wealth. Thank you for doing the show with us where we’re trying to help minorities gain access to capital, business strategies and things of that nature. I understand that you are a day trader. Tell me a little bit about that and how you got into it. 

Mr. Ali, thank you. I’m grateful being here. Day trading, how did I get there? I was blessed. Sometimes I try to keep this story away from the cameras, if you will but it’s a part of me and I want to share it. A few years ago, at 21 years old, haven’t lived that long but I want to grow into a man like yourself. I was sidetracked. I was too young to know. What was too young to know about? The repercussions of my actionsIn thifew years ago on my way home from sunny San Diego, Cali. My brothers and I were pulled over and we were in a traffic stop where what was found was 600 pounds of marijuana, an estimated street value of $1.75 million. Why did I bring that up?  

Watch out for the euphoria when you win because you might get overconfident.

Let me ask you this nowWhy did you go into the cannabis business? That’s illegal versus day trading 

I actually do have aspirations to get in the cannabis industry because of my story. It will fit with the branding so well. I chose day trading really because I’m gifted. The Lord gifted me with counting, calculating and understanding risk. My risk parameters were off the charts if I was going to pull that load home but I love the game of numbers. I love the game of money. I love finance because of my innate ability to count fast and be good at math. I’ll never forget I had a teacher in high school. We’ll call him Mr. B. Every time we’ll come to class, he would go, Anthony, why are you distracting other children? I was a bit of a knucklehead like most entrepreneurs that have a Johnny like me. I went to cosmic. I dropped out. Trading was for me when I realized my true talent in numbers. How did I realize this talent? I was in jail and a Porsche commercial came on.  

Porsche commercial got you to day trade.  

Let’s say it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Is that the analogy?  

MBA 32 Anthony Williams | Day Trading

Day Trading: One thing that a lot of traders struggle with nowadays is not trading. Not trading is a learned skill, too.


I wouldn’t use it that way but go ahead.  

In a good way. It was the last thing that propelled my career. Let me take you a couple of steps back. Before my situation with the $1.75 million in marijuana value, I met a gentleman named Ryan. Ryan is the chairman of a day trading Forexbased company called Forever In Profit. I’ll never forget. I’ve been telling this story all day because I remember one day during class because he’s actually the gentleman who taught me how to trade, he got me started. I kept running with the content. I started buying books and then I partnered up with an institution in the UK but we’ll get to that in a bit. Ryan, I saw him make $250,000 before my eyes. We were in the middle of class. I’m watching his screen. He’s explaining support and resistance traders out there. You know what that is. He had put a short in the market against the US dollar. This was in 2018, 2017. In 30 minutes, I think his lot size, his volume if you will that he put into market was about $6,000 per pip or price movement. When I saw that, I didn’t need to see nothing else.  

You were hooked and that’s what got you in the day trading because someone did a trade, made $250,000 in a day.  

In a couple hours, it was crazy 

You were like, Wow. When did you start? When did you open your first brokerage account and make that first investment? What was it like? It must have been amazing.  

It was crazy.  

How bad?  

A winning strategy is a winning strategy.

In this game, we’re supposed to leave our emotions out of our activities. I’ll never forget I borrowed $450 from my Bank of America credit card. I didn’t go live as soon as I figured out about the opportunity because I was patient. I always heard Ryan and other traders because once I got introduced to this thing, I started doing my research. I found out that in reality, Warren Buffett’s a trader when you think about it essentially, maybe not by title but by activity.  

Warren Buffett is one of my mentors and someone I look up to. I’ve read everything. I’ve studied all his work but he does it a whole lot different what you’re describing. We’re not going to go there. Go back and tell us, you took your $450 off your credit card. You’ve stuck it in your brokerage account. What did you do?  

I let it sit. I tested myself in ways of discipline. I said, “I’m going to fund my account but I’m going to do nothing. One thing that a lot of traders struggle with nowadays is not trading. Not trading is a learned skill too. I parked my $450 into my investment account and I opened my demo account so that I can learn the game at a consistent level. I told myself, I’m not going to take one live trade until I can trade consistent for six consecutive months.” When I achieve that on paper, on the demo, I took a standard account which is 10,000 and I made $40,000 on that account, which is demo. For me, the mere opportunity based on a skill set that I can learn. You’re telling me I can dip into this market at almost any time, 24/5 from Sunday 4:00 PM to Friday 4:00 PM. I can make money.  

That’s amazing. I’ve done a little trading myself. I don’t call myself a day trader because it’s a little too risky for me. I like winning 100% of the time. I like to win. What I do is I normally loan money to companies and then I convert that at a discount to the current market price. I wait for the companies to achieve certain milestones that they have basically stated that they would achieve. As they’re achieving those milestones, things of that nature, I’m aware that they have to announce these milestones that they have achieved. Normally, their stocks have a magnified movement in it and I normally decide to exit at that time, which normally gives me probably not as well as what yours did but probably 500%. I’ve been accused by the SEC of making it go up 33,000%. Some would say I’m pretty good at it but it’s a rush. Do you get that type of rush when you’re trading?  

Let me explain to you the first rush I had to figure out to get off that roller coaster to stop getting those rushes.  

It’s something else.  

Literally Mr. Ali, one day I said, “Enough is enough. I had to sit down and say, “How do I stop reacting to this emotionally? It’s driving me up the wall that I’m very excited one day because I made money. I’m low the next because I’d lost. My first rush when I finally proved my consistency after that six months, I took my first trade and it was on USD/JPY. It was the US dollar versus the Japanese yen. I saw a long opportunity. What I do? I bought the market. I’m telling you, I’m using no risk management parameters because I’m new in the game. This is one of those watch outs. My mentor told me about watch out for euphoria when you win because you’ll get this thing called overconfidence. You’ll think, “You can’t stop me. I’m going to win. I’m that guy. I’m that poor trader. I’m cool. What happened was when I went along in that position, I opened nine positions in an hour and a half. 

That was mighty aggressive.  

It was aggressive. To this day, I don’t do that. I don’t want to promote. I got off that rollercoaster but that’s when I got that first rush. I opened eight positions. I think it was $20 a pip, so each movement would be $20I opened about or of these positions on a $450 account. One movement is $20 in my account. Let’s round it. Each movement in the market, I’m risking $60 on $400. Where I’m from, we would call that spicy. That’s spicy, that’s hot. You don’t want to do that. Luckily, this time I had success or failure hit as hidden that success. The ticker of the symbol went long. I can’t remember how many points but I made $8,000 that day on $400 

That is amazing. That is a rush right there. When I’m trading and I’m looking at the red, the green light, yellow and everything’s moving and stuffI’m watching my stocks go up and down. Normally, I’ll never worry about them going down because I know I’m still in the money. It’s like, “Wow. You get hypnotized. It’s like, “When I trade up from the time the market opens to the time the market closes, I’m right there. Call me.” 

“Don’t text me.  

Don’t do anything because I’m not moving. That’s one of the exciting things about trading. What would you say to someone who is looking to start trading, becoming a day trader? What would you say?  

I’m going to say what I say to my students. I intimately teach one-on-one people who want to learn how to day trade. Every time I bring on a new student, I let them go through the woes and the rushes of thinking they’re going to be a millionaire by tomorrow. I allow them to go through that because I went through that too. I got introduced in this industry seeing somebody make $250,000. Right away, I’m thinking, “What am I going to do? What I tell my students and what I would tell someone who wants to get in the industry is that it’s all in your head.  

I’ll never forget I went to a Mercedes-Benz dealership to buy not my first Mercedes but it would be my second one. There were two salesmen there. I’m in there wearing regular clothes, flip flops, some beat up pants, probably beat up white tee or something. It was like a Saturday. I just got up. I was chilling, market clothes. We’re at the closing table. The gentleman’s like, “What do you do? I said, I’m a trader. I try to keep it short because it’s a lot to be talking about. He goes, “What do you trade? Do you trade Forex?” He guessed the market that I trade and I do trade in the Forex market. I say, I do. He goes, “Is that thing real? I laugh. I go, I sure hope so. I’m out here buying stuff with Forex money. I hope it’s real. He asked me something that was profound and that I think about it every time I’m encountering somebody new like a student or an outside party who’s curious about it.  

MBA 32 Anthony Williams | Day Trading

Day Trading: In the trading game, we’re supposed to leave our emotions out of our activities.


Let me ask you this because I’m going to have to speed you up a little bit. You got a lot of good information, a lot of knowledge. You’re sitting here where you can share some of that knowledge. What did you find that was profound?  

He said, “Did you figure it out? What’s the secret?” 

Let’s go back. What’s the secret? We want to know. What is the secret, Anthony?  

The secret is this. It’s all in your heads. It’s all in our heads because has anybody wondered how the casino stays in business? It’s probabilities. It’s numbers game. How do we operate systematically like a casino? Remove our emotions from the equation. Once we understand that, psychology is 90% of the game, true story. Technical analysis, reading price charts, all the wizardry they think I do, it’s about 10% and that’s the secret because the truth is a winning strategy is a winning strategy. Warren Buffet can’t tell me my strategy doesn’t work.  

I can’t tell him his doesn’t because if we back test the strategy, meaning if we record it over a period of time in history, the data will let us know, “This is a winning strategy.” Let me tell you what’s ironic. I could give you my winning formula. I can give you the formula that allowed me to make $50,000 in 2020 from January to April. It’s what allowed me to be featured in an article where they highlighted where I made $28,000 in a day. I can give you that strategy and you can actually go out there and fail because of what’s in your mind.  

That is amazing. Anthony, what’s in their minds that is so important and that’s the key. Anthony, people who are looking to day trade, how do they reach out to you?  

You can go to, that’s our company websiteFollow me on Instagram. Follow me on FacebookReach out to me. If you get ahold of me on Instagram @AnthonyWilliams_ or you can type your favorite online trapper, you’ll find me. From there, we can connect and get started. 

Here’s one I must say. I have a few companies that I’m taking public. What I want you to do is reach out. I want you to look at those companies and I want you to tell me how much money you and your people make. Anthony, let me thank you so much for coming on the show 

Grateful for being here. 


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