How to Prepare to Work With an IPO Consultant

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How many ways do you know to raise $100 million in 4 to 6 months?

When your business needs capital in a hurry to expand, upgrade, or attract top-tier talent, there is a tried and true method to get it. Going public. The catch is that when you release your IPO you have to jump through the right hoops the right way and at the right times to profit.

Chances are you’ve never gone through the IPO process before. That’s where consulting services come in.

Keep reading to learn how an IPO consultant can help you through the process and how you can prepare to make the journey as easy and profitable as possible. 

What Is an IPO Consultant?

When you decide to take your company public, the process ahead can be costly, time-consuming and complex. Even if you have the money to do it and the track record it takes to launch successfully, there are no guarantees.

Navigating the waters will rely on in-depth research into potential underwriting partners as well as relationships with brokers, market professionals, and private investors.

If you’re not well connected in that world, or if you’re not cut out to impress on the literal roadshow you’ll take to drum up interest, you may fail to make the most of this opportunity.

Qualified IPO consultants are professionals that have done all of this before. They have the contacts, they have the playbook, and they can hold your hand as you jump through each hoop.

How Do I Prepare?

The IPO process and working with business consulting services of any kind can be eye-opening. Know that your operations, your financials, and every level of your business will be laid bare and examined closely. That kind of scrutiny and the honest feedback you will receive can be shocking.

To prepare for this, you’ll need your house in order.

  • Ensure your books are up-to-date
  • Gather your operations manuals and playbooks
  • Prepare financial statements going back years
  • Brace to open the doors completely
  • Most importantly, get ready to be open about your own personal weaknesses

What Are the First Steps?

When you open the door to an IPO consultant, there is a series of steps you should expect to take as you prepare to go public. Don’t worry, your consultant will guide you every step of the way.

1. Comprehensive Business Analysis

This may be the hardest part. Your consultants will do a complete analysis of you and your business. They’ll identify operational strengths and weaknesses. They’ll evaluate and organize financial records. The more open you are, the better this step goes.

2. Arrange Financing

Once everything is in order, you can start to benefit from the relational expertise of your consultants. They will leverage relationships with banks and private investors to set a premium price and build a flawless prospectus.

3. Create a Market

Finally, your consultants will help you build a buzz so you can start strong. Their relationships with brokers and market professionals will help to promote the company and drive early traffic to your stock.

More Than Just an IPO Consultant

The team at Solomon RC Ali Corporation has the invaluable experience to help you and your business through the complex IPO process and succeed on the market quickly. But we can do so much more.

Whether you are looking for an IPO consultant to help you go public, want to explore your growth capital options, or need an exit strategy, we can help. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.