Investing In Businesses Pre And Early-IPO For Maximum Returns

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MBA 46 | Investing In Businesses


Money begets money, and early-stage investment opportunities are generally reserved for accredited high net worth individuals, defined as those with a net worth of at least $1 million or those who have earned $250,000 consistently for two years or more. It is not uncommon for these folks to get in early, pre-IPO, on some of the world’s most successful public company stocks from Facebook to Apple, garnering a 10.4 million% return on their initial investment. In addition to pre-IPO investing, those who get in on an initial public offering (IPO) before the general population can buy-in, can also earn as much as a 770% return on their investment.

In this episode of Minority Business Access, host Solomon RC Ali explains tried and true methods for identifying and investing in businesses before they go public, and how high net worth individuals learn about the market’s most promising investment opportunities before the general public is ever tipped off. With the information provided in this episode of Minority Business Access, you don’t have to be a millionaire or Wall Street insider to learn how to get in early, either before a company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the stock exchange, or an entry-level stock prices, before the herd rushes in, where the lion’s share of the money is made.

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Investing In Businesses Pre And Early-IPO For Maximum Returns

It is my pleasure to have you tune in to learn tips and things of that nature, how to navigate the waters that I’ve been navigating for many years. I hope the information that I share with you will be extremely helpful to you and your journey in running a business, becoming an entrepreneur and trying to avoid all the pitfalls. Welcome to the show. I look forward to giving you this information in this content. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us over at if you need help with us arranging capital for your business or if you were an investor looking for the tools and some educational information on how you should invest what you should be investing. We’re not promoters. We’re not brokers. We’re not market makers. We’re just giving out free content that you can use to benefit yourselves and your families. Let’s get going. We’re going to go ahead and go through this. It’s exciting to learn all this new stuff.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me, ‘Paul, how do you manage to get shares in early-stage and startup companies? How do you get in before the public gets a chance on the stock market?’ That’s what I’m going to teach you. How to invest in companies pre-IPO? Pre-IPO means before an initial public offering.”

I can’t stress this enough. It is extremely important to be able to invest in a company prior to it becoming publicly traded. That’s a private company is about to do either IPO or reverse merger or special acquisition on company costs back. One of those ways to be able to get in on the early stages, normally, you’re able to get in when the stock is at a reasonable price and extremely undervalued. Once it goes public, it goes up tremendously and you can see hundreds of percent in returns in a very short time. It’s very important to pay attention to what he’s saying right now because that’s where the money is made. If you happen to miss that, it’s critical. It’s automatic. Get in immediately after the company is public. You will still make some money. You will still have some huge gains. It won’t be as much as the people who’ve gotten in a pre-IPO or pre- reverse merger.

“It’s before the general public gets a chance to buy these shares on a publicly traded stock exchange. This self-investing has traditionally been reserved for high-net-worth individuals, for businesses, for people in the know. In the last few years, this whole market has opened up.”

High net worth. That’s going to be your credit and investors, million dollars and assets. They’re not counting real estate anymore these days as part of your asset to show the million dollars. I might have that backward, but it’s going to be close enough. You, in the past few years, have earned at least $250,000 consecutively. That’s an accredited investor. That’s high net worth. You have to have a net worth of $1 million. Think about how many of you have that. You have to have income if you’re not married, personal income, $250,000 for the last few years in a row. If you’re married, $300,000 for the past years. That’s an accredited investor high net worth.

Everyone knows what this is, a venture capitalist if you don’t. They invest in companies in the early stages. They typically loan private companies’ money and take the interest within that company. That’s one of the things that Solomon RC Ali Corporation do. We arrange capital so we can help you to go and introduce you to people like this. We’re not market makers, not broker-dealers, underwriters. We don’t do that. What we do is help cut the right package together for the right audience. If you want to go and you’re looking at high net worth people, we’re planning together based on the network, of what they’re looking for and everything of that nature.

It’s important to invest in a company prior to it becoming publicly traded.

“It’s available to the masses and affordable. I’m going to give you one quick example, first of all, to show the power of early-stage or startup investing. Most people who are investing in the stock market will have some shares on Facebook. Let’s use that as an example. Facebook floated on the stock market in 2012. If you’d held those shares for eight years, you would see gains of around about 770%, a very healthy return and substantially beating the stock market as a whole. However, let’s look and see what would have happened if you’d invested right at the start. Holding for eight years, you would’ve made a staggering 10.4 million percent growth. This is a real example.”

I started a private equity company many years ago. It was called Rainco Industries. A good friend of mine ran that company. We invested in Facebook. She did extremely well investing the money into Facebook. We invested just before the company went public. We got the stock between $7 to $9. We got out at $38. I don’t know how much of the position we got out of but we made a ton of money. That’s how important investing in private companies that are going public. If you miss it before it goes public, it is critical. Your last done is to get it right after it’s public. The key also is to invest in and you got to understand that it’s the long game. If you’re a day trader, this is probably not for you. Go screw around somewhere else. This is for people who are serious about making money. I know your day traders make good money, at least within your mind.

“This is millions of dollars in figures but very genuine. Every single start. Holding for eight years. You would have a staggering 10.4 million percent growth.”

People, as you can see, it wouldn’t have taken much money to become a millionaire if you had gotten in early. That’s what we’ve been talking about at Solomon RC Ali Corporation. I cannot have said this or laid it out any better. Get in early. We do the due diligence on the private companies. We know what the management team is capable of, what they’re going to do, they have a good track record, what the industry is, we know that the company is going to grow. This company went by triple-digit growth. That’s why I say triple-digit growth a lot of times. It’s very important.

This was the return, holding it for eight years. This is what people made after it was public getting in that first few months. When you guys think I’m blowing smoke up your butt, it’s right here. It’s not just Solomon RC Ali saying you can make those types of returns. Who wouldn’t want to make a ten million percent return in years? That’s over one million percent return every single year. That’s phenomenal. That changes lives. Here I am only talking about anywhere from 200% to 3,000% or 5,000% return on your money, which is still phenomenal but it’s nothing like this or this right here consistent was better than this. You get the point. I take any of these numbers.

MBA 46 | Investing In Businesses

Investing In Businesses: Invest in a company after it is public. You’ll still make some money. You’ll still have some huge gains.


“This is mind-blowing figures but very genuine.”

Look at Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla are what we’re talking about. These companies didn’t originally come out the gate and were publicly traded companies. These were private companies. They relied on the right people and right consultants to guide them and direct them to get the public to perform as publicly traded companies. Go to That’s what we do. That’s why you’re reading this show. Don’t be selfish because there’s enough out there for everyone. Tell a friend. They need to be read this as well. Do you know why? It’s because when you make a crapload of money, they’re not having to come and borrow money from you. Do the right thing. Help them out so when they come and ask to borrow money, and they refuse to listen, you can say, “I can’t help you. I gave you the information I had. You could be sitting right here with me.” Do a favor for your friend, for your loved one, share the information. Otherwise, they’re coming to you to borrow money. Trust me, I know.

It’s Worth Having A Small Amount Of Money In Start-Ups

“Whilst you shouldn’t put all your money in startups, it is worth having a small amount of money in startups as part of your diverse portfolio to make sure that you can catch some of those businesses that could go on and make an absolute fortune. Like most people, you may be thinking, ‘How on Earth can I get shares in businesses right at the start?’ In the last few years, I’ve been a member with a business club called the Angel Business Club and they are angel investors. They look for startup and early-stage businesses that they can invest in. They give the members of the club shares in those businesses. It’s a very simple principle. You can join for just £80 a month, that’s less than the price of a chicken sandwich per day. For the £80, you will receive £70 worth of shares every month in businesses the club has investigated, researched and environment.”

Look For Companies Who Are Undervalued Or Still Private

That’s what Solomon RC Ali Corporation does. We look for companies who are undervalued or still private, legal entities who have a good business, good operations, good management within the right industry that’s poised for growth, double-digit or triple-digit. Those are the kinds of companies we look for and we do the due diligence on. I’m not going to tell you to invest in it. If you’re an investor, guess what you want to do. You want to look and see what companies were paying attention to so that you can go ahead and jump in there. You don’t call us and ask us because we’re not going to tell you.

If you go to our website,, you’ll see the companies that we’re working on and you’ll probably go jump in there because you know we’ve done the due diligence. We’ve done all the homework and everything for the company. We checked out management. We’ve checked everything out. We’re putting or having cut a plan together for them to grow and scale, to do acquisitions, to do joint ventures and partnerships strategically. You will know without a reasonable doubt that the company is going to go from a small company to a fairly large company very quickly over time. Very quickly, don’t mean next month or next year. It means very quickly because everybody still has to do the work and the execution. You’ll know that if you are an investor. We’re not promoting a stock, market makers or promoters. We’re not underwriters. That’s not what we do. What we do is arrange capital for private companies that are looking to scale and grow.

Most people who are investing in the stock market will have some shares on Facebook.

Some of the lenders and investors that invest in these companies have a requirement to go public and things of that nature so that they’ll have an exit strategy out. That’s not what do. All we do is put the strategy together consult it. Simple ABCs. We help to arrange capital, whether that’s debt or equity financing. We help to consult with companies and build wealth like yourself, looking for the right investment. We’ll get back to it. You’re starting to get it because this is the pitch probably. I love this video not just because it supports the narrative that I’m talking about. I invested, not me personally, but the private equity company that I originally formed and started with $250, that in twelve months it was loaning out millions of dollars, they invested in Facebook and made huge returns.

“As members of the club, we don’t need any particular skills. A lot of members just joined the club and treated it like a savings plan, paying their £80 a month and receiving their £70 per month of shares in early-stage companies. Let’s have a quick look at some of the companies that the club has invested in. We have companies at various stages of growth. We’ve got pre-IPO companies at the moment.”

They’re charging $80 a month and you will receive $70 worth of shares in companies that they have investigated and done the research. Solomon RC Ali Corporation, we’re not charging you a dime. We’re just saying we want to educate the world and understand it because we believe if you empower the people, the people will help to strengthen the economy because there will be more money flowing, there’ll be more money being spent. Therefore, there’ll be more jobs created. I don’t know why everybody don’t get that. It’s simple arithmetic. If money is flowing, if everyone is making money, and everyone is prospering, there will be more jobs. There’s not a lack of jobs. There’s a lack of opportunity. That’s what we have to work on. We have to teach each other and educate each other on how to invest, how to make money.

“There’s one such company here called Ridercam. They produce high-definition rollercoasters, cameras, movies. They are world leaders in their market and they’re hoping to float on the stock market. Indeed, we have a substantial investment as club members in Ridercam. Then we have the prime section. These are businesses that are established. They’re making sales. Some are heading fast towards profitability, some are already profitable, but again, these are all pre-IPO companies that early-stage businesses. You can get shares in these companies. Once you are a member of the club, you do get access to other facilities. You get access to the live weekly webinars, where they very often host webinars with the CEOs and founders of the businesses that the club has invested in. You can get up close, personal and find out exactly what is happening with these companies, what they’re doing for sales, how they are developing in sales. You can get to understand what their businesses are.”

“Another feature which I find incredibly exciting and brilliant is trading. If I want to top up on shares or sell my shares in a particular company, I can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let’s have a quick look here at SmartTrade App. It is a good award-winning App development company. These are people selling their shares. At the moment, I could buy 50 shares at £26. It’s only a £13 purchase. There’s no commission. These are £0 commission fees. The trading is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I wanted to sell my shares, these are people willing to buy. We’ve got someone willing to buy 23 shares at £23. Another person was willing to buy 533 at £22. For some people who like to do a bit of trading, the shares are there. Ultimately, my personal opinion is that you should take the long-term view with stocks, shares, and certainly with these early-stage and startup businesses but there are some very exciting companies in there.”

MBA 46 | Investing In Businesses

Investing In Businesses: If you empower the people, the people will help to strengthen the economy because there will be more money flowing.


We don’t recommend a stock but when you get there, here’s what you’re going to see. You’re going to be able to go to a platform, cut into the stock symbol, buy the stock, sell the stock. I’m not sure if it stays on our platform or it goes to a different platform. It probably goes to a different platform that’s more secure. You’ll be able to go there and do your due diligence, look at what the recommendations are, even look and see what we’re doing. Use our due diligence on various companies as a model to do your due diligence and make your investments. That’s huge. That’s extremely important for you to know and something for you to be able to do as a tool. For the same information that they’re charging you ₤80, they’re over in Europe. ₤80 is probably equivalent to about $90 to $95.

For what they’re charging you, go to You’re not paying anything. You get the same information. You can do your due diligence. We’re doing the due diligence. They haven’t said who put their programs together. I bet officer and director of three publicly traded companies. Two of them have led the industry in a corner their industry. One was one of the largest minority energy companies in the United States. The other. Smart Home Technology, that’s us. We licensed that technology out to some of the largest companies there is. Ring, which’s owned by Amazon, CPI, HETHCODE, SkyBell. I know when I’m talking about. When we do due diligence and when we do strategy, it works. It isn’t no fluff about it. When you throw me the ball, I’m catching the ball. One of my team members said, “I’m going to knock on some wood. I’m going to catch the ball.”

You Have To Know What’s Going On With The Company That You’re Investing

Please understand investing is a long game, not a short-term game. That is why it is so critical. Please do your due diligence. Do your homework. You have to know what’s going on with the company that you’re investing. Everyone thinks it’s a secret. Warren Buffett has shared it over and over again. It’s a long-term game. You get tax advantages if you’re holding it over a year, so why would you give money away? You get a tax event if you hold it for over a year. We try to educate you and teach you if you’re an investor or if you’re looking for the right companies. We’re not promoters, market makers, broker-dealers. We don’t particularly care what stock you invest in or recommend any stocks. We try to educate you so you understand how to invest, how Solomon RC Ali did it, why I did it the way I did it.

The first step is due diligence. Investigate the company, understand the industry, the company, the management philosophy. Understand whether or not the financials make sense. Look at the competition within the industry, not just the top 2 or 3 companies, but the top 5. Those things are important because you need to be able to hold your position with confidence. You need to know no matter what type of news, whether it’s negative or positive, that comes out. You need to have the confidence to know how to hold your stock and why you’re holding it. This is critical. This is what Solomon RC Ali Corporation does. We help people like you, myself and my team to make and create wealth. It starts with educating you, educating ourselves about the companies that we’re looking into. We share that information.

We don’t charge you for that information. We don’t want anything from you. We don’t take a fee or a percentage of your profit. If it’s a good deal for you, that means our economy is going to be stronger, you get to live the American dream, you get to do certain things that you didn’t think that you could do. Investing is long-term. If you do some of the day traders that I know, that’s good friends of mine. What you’re going to find is they pay more in taxes because they’re always flipping stocks. They make a good living but most of the time, they’re not making a great living. It takes them years to figure it out. You don’t want to play that game of chance. You could do that in Las Vegas.

If money is flowing, if everyone is making money, and everyone is prospering, there will be more jobs.

What you want to do is know that when you make a sound and informed decision, you have a chance of your money coming back with friends. One of the books that I love is The Richest Man in Babylon. There are some simple principles in there. One is to put your money to work. Find a job for your money so that it can bring back some friends. Don’t put it at risk. Don’t throw it to chance. Don’t try and trust it with fools. We’re going to get back to the pitch. I hope you’re paying attention to me because this stuff is critical. This is how I do it.

I have this funny-looking car everybody liked, the orange seats in it. In fact, I liked it. It’s a cool car. When I first drove it, I said, “This car drives like butter. It’s smooth.” It’s a funny-looking car because it has an orange seat where they see me at a light and they stop, everybody’s looking. They’re like, “It’s a nice car.” It drives like butter. “Let me show you how to get one and to use the education that we’re teaching you as part of your arsenal so that you can know how to do your due diligence.” That’s what we’re going to teach you. I’m not going to teach you how to invest.

You’re going to figure that out all by yourself because when you do the due diligence, you know what you’re looking for. If that company don’t meet that checkoff list, you’re going to pass on. Some of the best investments are the ones you never do. If it makes that checkoff list management, you can check that off the industry, the company grove, company reinvesting and some other fact. If you can check those things off, you will be like, “I got a 67% chance to make huge returns on my money, especially long-term.” That’s what we’re going to try to teach and share with you.

“There are some very exciting companies in that. In terms of performance, the Angel Business Club in its years of existence, has invested in eighteen early-stage and startup businesses. Three of those have already floated on a public stock exchange. Their success rate is incredibly high and very attractive.”

They invested in eighteen companies and three of them were public. How many companies did I sit on the board? It was an officer of three publicly traded companies. Of the three, what did I say we’ve done, one was the largest minority energy company in the United States of America. That’s huge. That’s significant. The other control the intellectual property for a Smart Home Technology and licensed it to companies like Ring, which is owned by Amazon, CPI, HETHCODE, SkyBell, the list goes on and on. That’s critical. We’re not guessing here. Solomon RC Ali is not guessing. I’m sharing the strategies that I have used to help two publicly traded companies do extremely well in the marketplace. That’s what I want to help you do. Show you what it is that we’ve done, how we do it, why due diligence is so important? You don’t want to be caught up on all that hurrah. What you want to do is understand the business itself, the industry, the management philosophy and you want to be able to hold your position with confidence.

MBA 46 | Investing In Businesses

Investing In Businesses: We have to teach each other and educate each other on how to invest, how to make money.


You want to know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to make money. I don’t look at a stock once I buy it. Once I buy it, it’s over with. Why? Because I’ve done my due diligence. I’m not going to look at that stock every day, every week or every quarter. People normally run to me and say, “The stock is doing this. It’s gone down by that. What are you going to do?” I say, “Hold my position,” because I’m comfortable with my homework and with my research. You have to be that way too. If you’re not comfortable with your due diligence, don’t buy a stock, don’t invest in the company, don’t stick your money up under the mattress. Bury it in the backyard. I don’t know what to tell you. I know what the story in the Bible said and took it from that person that did that and gave it to the one who multiplied it. This is not rocket science. It does require a lot of work. If you’re afraid of hard work and afraid of doing the work, this is probably not for you.

“In these companies that could become tomorrow’s huge success stories where you can join the club. It comes with a full fourteen-day money-back guarantee. Register and join the club subscription level.”

These guys did a wonderful job but everybody’s trying to sell you something. Let me tell you a story. The first publicly traded company that I went to work for, I work for them for a promissory note. They were supposed to pay me $250,000 if I did the job. My job was to arrange the capital and get the financing and help them to scale. I made almost $1 million being able to convert my particular promissory note into equity based on what the company owed me in the job that I had done. No one has ever questioned whether or not Solomon RC Ali had raised the capital, has strategically positioned the company and helped this management team to possess and poised for growth. No one ever said that I hadn’t done that because that’s what I have done for 2 of the 3 publicly traded companies that I was officer and director of. You’re aware of us. You are reading this show.

My team put the show together so we could have a way of giving back of sharing information and content with you. We’re excited and thrilled about doing that, but please, you got to understand, we’re not trying to sell you anything. I’m not trying to get you to buy a company that I’m looking at or doing due diligence. I’m not trying to get you to buy any other stuff. What I’m trying to do is share information that will be beneficial to you that will help you create your legacy within your family, for your kids and grandkids. Please share this with your friends. That is vital. Here’s the only reason I say that. If you make a ton of money, your friends will come to you and ask to borrow money. They will come to you because you will be the wealthiest person they know to get help. Why not help them do the same thing? That way, you, your friends and family members can partner together and make investments in various companies and create even more wealth. That’s how you do it.

Create Your Own Communities

Create your own community. I’m not talking to the housing community but like-minded people who think alike, who have the same common goals. Rather than me being a lone wolf, I’d rather share all the knowledge and there’s a whole bunch of it, so if I do come up with a good idea or see a great opportunity, people look at it and say, “Let’s go.” There won’t be, “No. I’m thinking about it.” If I know that you have followed the strategies, you can show your portfolio, and you call me up and say, “Hey,” I’m like, “Let’s go.” I know that you’ve done the due diligence. I know that you’re not lazy. It’s very important.

Investing is a long game.

I want to thank you guys so much for tuning in to the show. I hope this has been some help. It gave me goosebumps thinking about Facebook. We made a whole lot of money on Facebook. They said people that look like me don’t get those types of opportunities to invest in the early stages. Go there at We will show you where those opportunities are. It’s up to you whether or not you invest in them or you want to be a part of them. We’re not recommending that you do any investing. We’re not recommending or selling you anything. We don’t need to. What we do need to do is help our brother, help our neighbor, educate them so that they can do better.

I have a book coming out in 2021. It’s a must-read. It will help and guide you through the minefields. I am going to say I love this book, The Richest Man in Babylon, and Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?, The Intelligent Investor, Warren Buffett’s few of his books, I love. This book will be equivalent to those books if you’re looking to make money. I need you to understand something. I hold no college degrees. Everything I learned, I learned by paying for trial and error, stumbled bomb on fall. That’s why I’m so passionate about this. I know where the minefields are. When they say education or lack of education is expensive, they’re not lying. It is.

Don’t do it the way I did it. You don’t have to. We live in a new age. At my age, we didn’t have technology where we can have a podcast and information can be freely shared. We didn’t have that. We didn’t have the internet back then. We had no way of sharing this type of information with other people. Now we do. I’m sharing the information of many years with you. I’ve been raising money for my companies for years. I’ve gone through the ups and the downs, building companies up. A lot of you know I don’t like startup companies. Why? Because I started so many of them and they fail because 9 times out of 10, they’re going to be under-capitalized. What I will tell you to do is buy you a company.

A group of young college kids asked me, “What should we do? We’re about to graduate.” Here’s what I told them. “Find yourselves a good job. Stay in contact with each other. Pull your resources together, along with your credit and buy a business. When you buy that business, each of you donates so much time to that business every month. Then the next year buys another business. The next year by another one. That will be the best retirement that you could do for yourselves and your family. Buy an existing business with a group of people that you like.” “I can’t trust them.” “Yes, you can.” Because everyone gets only their fractional ownership, if John puts in $1,000 and Tim only puts in $200, they get their pro-rata share people.

You can trust them. Get the stinky thinking out of your mind. Get rid of the fear. Pull your money together with your group of friends if you’re a college or kids that are getting ready to graduate. Pull your money together, look for a good business to buy. Donate your time to that business so you can cut your labor cost and keep it extremely low. Turn around, buy another business. That will be the best retirement that you guys can do for yourselves. It will create additional income for you. It will help you to buy houses, with your medical and all the way around. It’s that critical.

MBA 46 | Investing In Businesses

Investing In Businesses: You need to have the confidence to know how to hold your stock and why you’re holding it.


If you’re a CEO wanting to scale your company and banks, have been telling you no and you just haven’t been able to put the formula together, go to our website, One of my team members would get back with you and get you going. We’re going to take your company through a due diligence process. We’re going to do that because we have to know the ins and outs of your business. We have to know what you know about your business and more so where your strengths are and where your weaknesses were so that we can shore those things up and create a real strategy based on what’s going on in your industry.

I’m sorry to tell you if you’re on cloud nine because you’ve been smoking that funny stuff right about now, it’s not the time. You can’t do what you’re looking to do. We’re going to be honest with you so that you’re not wasting your time, our time or people’s monies. When it’s time if you’re ready and it’s go time, we’re going to go with you. We’re going to arrange that financing for you. We’re going to help you to get there. We’re going to create one of the best strategies there is looking at it from my lens, how to scale and to grow your business. Everyone that knows me saying I have a unique way of looking at things. I don’t think I’m any smarter than anyone else. I don’t know what makes me unique, but evidently, how I see things, I always think it’s normal. Other people are like, “I’ve never thought of it that way.”

I had a custom home many years ago in California. This is a true story. The guy came and we’re putting in floating stairs. He had been doing this for many years. He couldn’t figure out a problem that was very complicated in these floating stairs. I told him, “Sleep on it, come back tomorrow.” He came back tomorrow, and I said, “Can’t you do this?” I told him exactly what to do. He looked at me real strange. He said, “I never thought of that. I’ve been doing this for many years. That may work. Let me try it.” He tried it and it worked. We’re all saying it worked because the stairs all stayed floating, doing what they’re supposed to and none of us ever fell down the stairs.

I do have a unique way of looking at things. Maybe it came from the struggles in my life. I like to believe that it came from God giving me something beyond just being a man of faith. I’m not here to talk about faith. I don’t care what your denomination or none of that is. What I want to do is help you. That’s my calling. Do your due diligence, make some money, take care of your family, especially if you look like me. The first private equity company I started was $250. We were loaning out millions of dollars inside of approximately twelve months. That’s unheard of. Of the three publicly traded companies I was a part of, two of them dominated the industry. I know 1 or 2 things about what I’m talking about.

Thank you for tuning in to the show. Have a beautiful and wonderful week. I look forward to bringing you more content, more information. Please call my team. Email and tell them what a great job they’re doing because it’s not me doing all this. They’re going out finding the content that you say is relevant for you to know and things that you want to know and know about. Because of time, they have say, “It’s faster. If we find the right ones for you to narrate, talk about the help to people.” That’s what we’re doing. Thank you, guys, very much. Stay tuned. We’ll see you next episode. It’s all up to you. You can do this now.


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