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A space where you can locate current companies with undervalued stocks that I personally see excelling in the four pillars of sustainability and growth.

About Solomon’s Picks

How it works

We don’t take investment decisions lightly and have spent time and resources analyzing, in many cases hundreds of hours, each company.

First, we perform comprehensive market research and company due diligence.

Next we assess the company’s intrinsic value based on their proprietary financial models.

Then we build a summary report that includes the investment thesis, highlighting the key value drivers.

What are Solomon’s Picks?

Solomon’s Picks highlight potentially undervalued public companies and undervalued stocks you likely have never heard of that we believe are good investment vehicles for long term growth. Most stock picks will be existing public companies that have recently acquired operating businesses that are entering significant growth phases. These businesses are well-capitalized companies with strong networks because they are backed by private equity firms.

In order to qualify for Solomon’s Picks, the companies must have a detailed business plan, plentiful resources, and durable competitive advantages. Most importantly, the stock price of each company must be poised to significantly increase, potentially exponentially.

Solomon’s Picks are ideally suited for long-term stock investors who want to invest in high potential companies for long-term price appreciation to realize gains over many years with lower capital gains tax rates.

The fastest way to achieve success is to learn from someone who has already been where you want to go. Why then do so many people take investment advice from individuals who lack a track record of successfully investing? What if you had intel information from someone who has made millions of dollars investing in stocks?

Well, now you do.

Who can benefit?

Any individual looking for top performing returns from long-term price appreciation could benefit from owning common stock in the companies that Solomon picks. Solomon’s Picks provides access to the research, investment criteria, and proprietary financial model outputs used by highly successful institutional investors. This allows anyone to make more comprehensive, informed investment decisions relative to stocks with long term value.

Disclaimer: While Solomon’s investing track record demonstrates considerable success, any increase in stock price is not guaranteed as the companies must be able to execute their growth plans. Solomon’s Picks are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation to purchase common stock or be viewed as financial/investment advice. Risk, uncertainties, or external factors are inherent in any business which could disrupt the planned initiatives and adversely affect the businesses, their financial conditions, their operating results, and their stock prices.