SYS Smart Marketing: Making Your Homes Smart, Valuable, And Secure With Bethel Tesfaselassie

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MBA 1 | Smart Homes


Smart homes have become popular these days because people want their home lives easier and more comfortable. On today’s show, we talk with Bethel Tesfaselassie, the brains of SYS Smart Marketing. Bethel showcases the wonders they can do for your home or establishment. With a technology aimed to support convenient living, she shares how their security system can become an asset to homes, increase their value, and decrease insurance premiums. She also offers some advice to other young people looking to go into business.

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SYS Smart Marketing: Making Your Homes Smart, Valuable, And Secure With Bethel Tesfaselassie

We’re going to talk to some young entrepreneurs who have been working on and developing their businesses in a very unique way. The first person I’m going to be speaking with is Bethel. I have known her for many years and she’s going to tell us a little bit about herself as well as her company, SYS Smart Marketing. Bethel, could you tell them a little bit about yourself and your experience?

My name is Bethel Tesfaselassie. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be here. I have been with the company for many years, but working specifically on this project for a few years.

Could you tell us a little bit about your personal background and your educational level? Is it something that’s necessary? If young people are looking to go into business, what would you recommend?

The beauty of this business is that it does not require any formal education. To give you a little bit of background about myself, my undergrad is in Chemistry and I completed my Master’s and got my MBA. That is just an experience that I have. What it takes to make it in this business is the support system that we have for you and to be willing to learn and make the money.

Bethel, if a young black female is looking to becoming an entrepreneur, what would be some of the skillsets or things that you feel she would need to know?

I believe that everybody brings some skillsets to the table. I don’t think you necessarily have to have a formal skill, but I think your personal experience always brings you to the next step of your life. Those experiences will always be useful in every endeavor that you go to.

Could you tell us a little bit about SYS Smart Marketing?

SYS Smart Marketing is a marketing arm that’s providing potential entrepreneurs and providing people to become business owners at very low cost to none, which is very rare in these days and age that we live in.

What is the opportunity?

The opportunity is very simple. If you know four people, they could be friends and family within your circle, and you provide them with a free system that we provide to you, then you get paid for it. That’s how simple the business is.

Is it an MLM?

I would say direct sell with a twist of MLM. We refer to it as an organic ecosystem.

How does your organic ecosystem work? How do you find these people? If I’m interested in it, what would my skills need to be? How much money do I need?

This may shock you, but the money needed is zero. What makes us different and what sets us apart from everyone else that you may have encountered in your past life, is that there’s no joining fee. There is no cost for you to become a part of our company. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary for you if you know two, three people and I’m sure you do, Mr. Solomon Ali. Our circle is our resources. We’re not asking you to do cold calls or go out of your circle. It’s basically the people that you know. We’re creating a community and that community is going to provide you with your network and therefore earn you money.

Your personal experience always brings you to the next step of your life.

It sounds exciting and very good, but I’m a young black man looking for an opportunity, but I don’t have any money nor do I have any traditional education. I don’t know anything about business. Would that not be a hinder, not knowing anything about business?

That is not a hindrance. That is what the average person is going to be in our company. We’re not looking for anything formal. We have the tools, the support and you just hire us as your back office to provide you with the system. We have a system already set up. All we need for you to do is come in, welcome the opportunity and be able to refer us to your family and friends and we’ll do the work for you.

You keep saying family and friends. I don’t have any family and friends. That’s not what I want to do. I’m just looking for a business opportunity where I can go into business, have someone possibly mentor me and be successful through that mentorship and do what I need to do.

We can help you with that. We have the support system and we have mentorship that is available to you and we’ll help you do that process.

I haven’t heard of your company before. How do I know you would even be around for long?

That’s the beauty of it. The opportunity that you are presented is a ground floor opportunity. You haven’t heard about us and you have an opportunity to be a part of that company. You best believe we’re going to be around for a while because our manufacturers, you’ve heard Ring, Honeywell and August, those companies have been around for so long. I think we’re going to be here for a while.

I do know a lot about your company because we did a bunch of research. I’m not promoting it, but I also help design their infrastructure, build out their business plan and things of that nature. SYS is going to be a dynamic direct sales company. One of the things that they’re offering is the opportunity where you don’t have to buy any equipment upfront or hold any equipment. Unlike a business that if you were to go out and buy a business, you would have to have at least 20% to 30% down to purchase that business. In addition to that, you will also have to go to the bank and borrow the 70% that was necessary to be able to get into the business, then you would have somewhat of a learning curve to learn that business. I understand SYS has the ability to ensure that you have proper funding to get into business without putting up 30% of your own money or going further into debt by borrowing money from the banks. Unlike other companies such as MLM companies and things of that nature, you’re not required to hold any inventory and things like that. You’re getting mentorship from people that you feel will be able to relate to you, help you and guide you. Bethel, did I sum that up for you?

I think you did a great job.

How do people join SYS?

How people join SYS is we are going to be a national company. We are going to be promoting the business nationally. We have links and websites for people to join. At the same time, if you’re local in the area, we have functions that we are planning to hold and anybody can come and learn about the business.

Do I have to be of a certain age? Is there a certain demographics? Could you tell me anything about that?

This business is for all. If you’re 18 or 88, we can definitely provide the service and everybody needs smart home security in the life that we live, the system is so much needed and everyone needs a system. Anybody can join.

It’s just a security system. It’s not a smart home technology.

Security comes with it as a side but mainly, our system is smart home technology. It’s turning your home into a smart home and become an extension of you.

MBA 1 | Smart Homes

Smart Homes: SYS Smart Marketing is a marketing arm that provides potential entrepreneurs to become business owners at very low cost to none.


What does that mean?

What that means is as you already know, when you leave home, you have no access to your home when you are away. We bridge that gap. We are able to allow you to access your home from the palm of your hands.

In other words, you’re making my home an extension of myself. To further that, are you saying that whatever I think for the most part, I can command my home to do?

That’s absolutely right.

Tell me a little bit more

I’m sure you do not travel without your phone. Through your phone, you’ll have access to your home. You’ll be able to command for the lights to turn on before you even get home. You’ll have the ability to have dinner cooking for you before you even get home. We tied up together all that technology where you have accessibility with maybe one or two buttons on your phone.

Wouldn’t that be an additional cost to homeowners?

It’s not an additional cost to homeowners. It actually saves homeowners money. Most people who have smart technology in their home, a lot of insurance companies are participating where if you have smarthome technology within your house, they’re reducing your premiums so you are saving money. At the same time, I have done real estate in the past. If a smarthome technology is present in the home, it does two things. First, it sells faster if you are a seller and if you’re a buyer, you’re buying a home with the technology, which is a value-added to your home. I think that is a very attractive feature for a lot of people.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. If I have a smart home, your technology or your package, that it’s possible the insurance companies will lower my homeowner’s insurance rate?

That’s correct.

It’s also possible that if I was selling my home and I had your smart home technology, it would go for a higher price on the market and it would not be on the market as long.

We did a study where we compare a home that did not have smart home technology versus the one that had smart home technology. We noticed that people gravitate towards the home that has technology because they wanted to be ready to go home and that’s what they would like.

What does the real estate industry itself state? Are they identifying a difference?

Yes, they are. They did a study where the data shows that on average, your home value will go up between 15% to 30% on your home. You are investing in your home and you’re reaping the benefits from it when you sell it.

A smart home attracts more homeowners.

If I understand everything, your business helps individuals start and own their business. You’re teaching them how to be successful in their own business and you don’t put them in debt. Is that correct?

That’s very correct.

That’s pretty amazing. The packages that you are providing to the homeowners or the end consumers improve their home by 20% to 30% according to not just your analysis, but also the real estate industry’s experts are saying that as well. The home doesn’t sit on the market as well. The added benefit is that it’s not costing more money in a sense because it helps to lower the homeowner’s insurance. You’re saving some money on the homeowner’s insurance. I’m mindful that you mentioned security earlier and I was asking if it was just a security system because we all have a security system. I was thinking about my security system and my cable. Between my security system and my cable bill, I spend somewhere probably about $150 to $160 and they’re not smart. In the cost analysis, would that save me additional money by going with your smart home system and making my home an extension of myself? How much money can it save you?

Let me tell you how much money it can save. You’re mentioning you have a system that’s not even smart and you’re paying cable. All that is costing you hundreds of dollars. With our system, you’re able to turn your home into a smart home first. Secondly, we offer Genesis TV. My children love it. It has all over 500 sports channels I believe. You are going to have those features on your TV at a fraction of what you’re paying. I don’t want to put anybody else’s business out, but we know we can do better. We know better, so we do better.

Tell me about it. How are you saving?

We are going to turn your home into a smart home and provide you with Genesis TV. Therefore, we’re going to cut your cable bill out of your expenses. Coupling those two things, you’re going to pay a fraction of what you pay and have a better system, better technology and save you lots of money.

Just give me an idea. I’ve been in $150 to $160 a month.

I can assure you that we can cut the cost that you have with not a smart home. We can turn your home into a smart home and provide you with all the sports channels. We can definitely cut it under $100. That’s a saving of 50%.

If I’m spending $160 a month, that’s about $1,920 a year. You’re telling me you’re going to be able to save me at least 50%. How do I get one of those?

All you have to do is sign up and we’ll get it to you. It’s simple.

Where would one sign up at?

We have a website that you’re able to click and put the information and the back office will contact you and get you going. There’s a trick to that.

You got me excited here about saving all this money and getting rid of my old antiquated system that is obsolete. I’m an old man. At 55, I’m not all up on all the technology, but I do use my phone and I utilize other smart devices. If I can make my home an extension of myself like turn on the lights, turn on my alarm or if my friend is coming over, unlock the door so that they can have access to the home. That’s what you’re telling me your system will do, plus I could have 500 channels. That’s pretty amazing to me. If I joined to be a representative, you will teach me your business and how to do your business. I wouldn’t have to spend any money upfront and I don’t have to hold any inventory. How do you make money?

The beauty is we have the ability to be affiliated with these big companies and therefore, we’re able to pass those savings onto the customers.

MBA 1 | Smart Homes

Smart Homes: SYS is turning your home into a smart home and become an extension of you.


What else would you like to say to young women, whether they’re black, Asian, Hispanic or white women?

Women have been able to determine the economy of this country for the most part. The power that we have is pretty amazing in the community of womanhood. It is time that we get paid for that power. It means that we have simple systems for any woman that wants to have a better life for their family.

You’re relating it back to the company. I don’t want to hear about your company. What I want to know is as a young and pretty black woman, what would you say to other women, whether they’re black women, Spanish women, Asian descent, white women that are looking to become entrepreneurs? What would you say to them about becoming business entrepreneurs? What would be your advice be to them?

Just do it. It is simple. If you have the support system, that would help and assist you in any endeavor. I think women entrepreneurs have existed in this country for so long that it is very simple to join our company and do the business because we have the support.

I like that you keep bringing it right back to your company. In other words, what you’re saying is that women should jump out there, take advantage of the opportunities, whether it’s with your company or other companies and believe in themselves that they can do this and get this done. I believe that too.

Support their family and create the inheritance for their family.

I was taught a long time ago that women are the first teachers to educate kids. They help them, train them and set them on the right path. You’ve shared some great information that our audience would love. I want to thank you for being on the show.

Thanks for having me.

Thank you so much, Bethel.

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