Unlocking Your Highest Growth Potential Using The Genius Key With Amilya Antonetti

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How do people become their highest and best use? What do people need in order to meet and achieve a goal? With an instinct for figuring out the answers to these questions, guest Amilya Antonetti has since become one of the most sought after human behaviorist and conflict resolution experts in the world. For more than 25 years, Amilya has dedicated her life to helping people and leaders through some of the most challenging and scariest parts of their lives. She joins host Solomon Ali in this episode to talk about how you can unlock your highest growth potential with the genius key. Discover what that is and watch as the magic happens with your business, your people, and yourself. Amilya also shares with us her journey, working with big names, and then taps into the role of our subconscious, understanding ourselves as leaders or CEOs, having better-operating systems, and more.

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Unlocking Your Highest Growth Potential Using The Genius Key With Amilya Antonetti

Amilya, I am excited that you are here on the show. We’re here at Magnify Your Wealth. I haven’t seen you since December 2019. It’s awesome to see you.

I am excited to be here. This is a big pleasure and a big honor for me.

Many people are looking to improve their lives and things of that nature, especially when it comes to business and trying to figure out how to be successful. Tell us a little bit about you and your journey.

I’m like most entrepreneurs, there was no such word when I started. I was trying to solve problems and figure out how I was going to be able to raise my brothers and I. There was no grand master plan that I thought I was going to be an entrepreneur. I was trying to keep my brothers and I together and keep food on the table. I went to an area of like, “What do I know how to do?” We’re Italians. Construction is what we know. We build stuff. That was my first entry into the business world was I looked for an opportunity. I was very bold because I was young. I went to the operator who had four daughters and no sons. I was like, “I can do this business better than you can.” He left. He was like, “Who are you? You’re seventeen years old. You don’t know anything.” I stepped into it.

In that point in time in my life, as a youth, we’re rooted in what we think we know. As we get older, we realize we know nothing. At that time, I jumped into an opportunity and for him, I was entertainment. He found me entertaining. He loved the fact that I was so bold on how I saw the world. I’m dating myself. He gave me a job as a Girl Friday. I don’t even think there’s a job like that anymore. Girl Friday was somebody who would do whatever. I was in the trailers and the construction site. I started looking at the planograms that were up on the wall and I moved things around. I was like, “This doesn’t make sense if you’re running a group of people.” I’ve always had a natural instinct of how do people become their highest, best use, and what do people need in order to meet and achieve a goal, even when it’s not in a normal business context.

MBA 25 | Highest Growth Potential

Highest Growth Potential: If you really want to lead people, if you’re really looking to impact the world, you have to take the step into vulnerability to reach across and make the first move.


I’m in business myself. I’ve done okay.

You’ve done extremely well. I hope it grows up to you.

For women in business, I can only imagine being a woman what that journey looks like, the roadblocks, the things that you’re challenged with.

You don’t know what’s coming. You know what your heart is and you know what your ambition is. You put yourself out there and then you’re usually faced with other people’s fears or other people’s misconception of what you are or are not capable of because they see women a certain way. Whatever your minority is, you’re in a group of what their experience is with that group.

You don’t let their biases affect you. You think through it.

You learn to get a thick skin and you learn to anticipate it. You learn mechanisms to move around it and stop expecting it not to happen. I know that in some course of business, even now, something is going to happen that is inappropriate between a man and a woman. It’s my responsibility to then say, “No problem. That doesn’t work for me.” Let me just put a boundary up and gently move you back to where you need to be and to stop expecting that it’s not going to happen. I can’t control the world and say, “Someday, this will never happen.” It’s going to happen.

Let me see if I understand it correctly. Your advice to women would be, “Expect man to flirt or do those things, but it’s how you handle and deal with that situation and how you respond to it that determines that true outcome?”

Correct. You can’t stop people from trying because the instinct is still going to be there. Yes, as the world evolves and as we learn healthy boundaries, it’s still going to happen. It’s not the majority, it’s the minority of people that are going to happen. You’ve got to fight that one jerk and he’s going to do whatever he’s going to do, and you have to guide him back onto his side. Don’t allow it to deter you from where you’re trying to go.

You take possession of power. Is that consciously or subconsciously? 

I think it’s both. Subconsciously, I am looking to earn the achievements and the respect to be seen at a certain level. Subconsciously, I’m looking for that recognition to be seen as a very good CEO and leader. Not to be saying, “She’s a great CEO for a woman.” That quip it for a woman, you took away the compliment. Let the work stand for itself. In the journey to get there, you have to also be rooted in your belief system, your core values and be willing to defend them. A great example of that is in one of my roles in media, the way women were treated, didn’t meet my core values. I was tested repeatedly. I repeatedly kept not getting the outcome that I was looking for, even though I had a lot of tools. I had eventually put my money where my mouth was and I bought myself out of the contract. I’m like, “This does not work. I don’t care how great the opportunity is. This doesn’t work for me. I cannot continue in this atmosphere because I don’t like how it’s affecting me and I don’t like the way how it’s affecting other women here. I’m going to make a very hard decision and leave.”

You were in a contract. The contract didn’t feel good. You elected, “I’ll buy myself out of a contract.”

The other unsaid things that were required of me as a female doesn’t work for me. It’s not who I am.

I know that your family lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia. We were sharing some experiences. Would you share that experience? I was speaking about the one where the cross was burned in your yard.

My family being off the boat Italian, moving to Georgia. We didn’t even know what that meant to the South. More specifically moving to Stone Mountain, Georgia, which is the capital of the KKK for anybody who does not know their history. We saw ourselves as Italians and we just made the assumption that everybody else would see us as Italians, but Italians were not well-known. There was not a lot of us in the late ’60s, early ’70s in Atlanta. There were two groupings. There was African-American or black and there was white. That was the two groupings that were available for us to fit into in that area. We moved into a white neighborhood without realizing that the neighborhood saw us as black. They did not want us there. Not understanding, but even the vernacular was. In Europe, black and white that’s not a thing. It’s a very American thing. My father is dark. My mother is light. They saw them as an interracial couple and they saw us as mixed.

Your father is Italian?

He’s Italian and my mother’s Italian. We see them as Italian, but the community saw something entirely different and they wanted us to leave. They were highly offended that we didn’t move into Gwinnett County. We move to DeKalb County. To try to help us move in the middle of the night, they burnt this huge cross right down by our mailbox in our front yard. We didn’t have the experience. We didn’t understand what that meant. My mother decided to turn it into a positive and she was like, “Wake up everybody. They’re so excited that we’re here. We’re going to go roast marshmallows on the cross because I know we’re Catholic so they put a cross on our front yard.” We thought it was a welcoming thing. I had no idea until years later when I was studying American history, I was a sophomore in high school. They were talking about the South and the Civil War and all this stuff. I was like, “That had happened to me.” It changed my entire trajectory of these subgroupings. What happens when you blanket a whole group of people into one bucket?

What I find amazing with that story you’re sharing is how your mother turned something that could have been tragic into something that was beautiful and positive to protect her kids so that they will not be affected by that. Just to note, I would hope that with my kids, grandson, anybody that I know in business, or anywhere in life that when they encounter something negative, that I would be able to turn it around so they can see the positive. Your mother is my hero for doing that.

That’s the art of power being able to hold your power. You can’t stop what somebody is going to think or what somebody is going to do, but what you can do is control your response to it. When you can control your response, especially in something that is racist, something that is limiting beliefs and ignorance on somebody else’s side, coming back in a powerful position like that, is a skillset that transcends generations. It’s not just what you do. It’s what everybody that you’re impacting in your children and your children’s children, that’s the epigenetics part of it. In our DNA, we are setting the tone for future generations, so what we do matters tremendously.

I’m going to share a story with you. I don’t think I’ve shared this story in a mighty long time. It came to me after sharing your story. I was in an art class and about the ninth grade and I believe my art teacher’s name was Ms. Bacon. We all had to draw the faces of everyone. All these freshmen and things of that nature are in this art class. When they got to me, the kids made fun. It was all white kids, no blacks in the class, except for me. They made fun of my nose and my lips. The teacher, Ms. Bacon, intervenes quickly. At the moment, I almost felt crushed and she said, “Let’s look at his features. Look how beautiful those lips are. Look at the structure of it.” She turned that around and I didn’t feel what I was feeling after they were making fun of me anymore. I felt better. I still remember it but it was like, if it wouldn’t have been for her, I could have gone off that day and had a bad day or been like, “I hate this school. Why am I here?” All those things, but one person can make a difference.

It happens all the time. When you start to realize that you have that power and we don’t engage in it. The person that you bump into when you get coffee, the person that you’re passing by in the hallway, by not stepping forward into a leadership role and taking that control to impact their day with a smile, with a compliment, with reaching across to try to connect with somebody. Most people are sheep. They’re going to just put their head down and go through their day 9:00 to 5:00. They’re not willing to take the responsibility of leadership.

If you want to lead people, if you’re looking to have an impact on the world, then you have to take the step into vulnerability to reach across and make the first move because 99% of the time, when you smile, somebody will smile back. When you cause a compliment, they’ll engage. It puts you in the power to realize that you have a lot to do with what happens to you by what you’re putting out, and then the boundaries and guidelines for what doesn’t work for you. I teach something called the ouch moment. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what language you speak or what grouping that you’re in.

If you’re in a conversation and I just go, “Ouch.” You’re going to go, “What happened here?” It brings you into awareness that something just happened. It gives me an opportunity to go, “That hurt my feelings.” A natural response would be, “I don’t even know how I hurt your feelings.” We’re in a dialogue so that you can better understand me and I can better understand you and we can figure out, is there something I could have done differently? Is there something you can done differently? Now, we’ve got a connection.

You’ve worked with a lot of very successful people: Tyler Perry, Oprah, Steve Harvey. You solved a lot of problems for various people, is that your genius is being able to connect, listen? I don’t want to try to articulate it because I can, I want you to articulate what is that genius? For me, what I hear is like, “She’s a hell of a negotiator. She listens. She pays attention and she knows exactly what to ask because she knows that she’s going to stop them or get to the core of what that is.”

My genius is I am truly a people expert. I’ve spent 35 years in human behavior and getting underneath what is happening. Understanding how people show up and what the dynamic is when 2 or 3 people get together, there’s always a different architect, depending on how many people are in the room of what’s happening. What I’ve learned about business is that you can have a great idea and you can have a great business plan, but if you don’t have the people to execute it, it’s going nowhere.

All business has to pay attention to the people operating system because if you can understand people and you can align the purpose of the business with people who have the same trajectory of that purpose, magic happens. What I’ve always done for people of influence, athletes, celebrities and big CEOs are I’ve helped them see their own reflection. In that reflection, they see what makes them a genius. They see the shadow energy that comes from that. With every blessing, there’s a curse. In the tool building, it allows them to better connect with the individuals that are on their team and help a company take all the individuals within an organization and bring them together, agnostically because we remove the sight and we only allow for experience.

We buy a lot of companies, invest in a lot of companies, and sometimes changing the culture of those companies are and the people. Although what they were a part of before was failing, we come in and we’ve done it all ways. We pay them more, we get crap. We pay them less, we get crap. Every once in a while, we get it right. That culture is always so difficult to get them to buy into the vision, where the company is going. Many times, they’d like to say, “I like the old way,” but the old way doesn’t work.

That comes from behavior now. All humans inside the surviving instinct, one of the very first primary things that we learn is we are more rooted in the devil we know. We’re more rooted in what we’re familiar with and we will repel anything else that is unfamiliar. That’s where so much conflict and crisis happen because people are holding so tightly to what they do know, even if what they know is damaging. The way to move people from where they are to where is a better opportunity is to allow them to release what’s in this hand, by filling what’s on this hand. You cannot take away until I’m willing to reach here. It’s in a culture that is unhealthy to fight against fear. Change is fear-based. People are afraid of change. You’ve got to have them reach forward onto something that they believe that they can hold onto. In this safety and security, I will let go of my false belief. That’s part of succession planning and change management is if the people operating system isn’t working with the new team coming in, it will never work. It’ll be a short time fix and then people will revert back to their old behaviors.

MBA 25 | Highest Growth Potential

Highest Growth Potential: If you can really understand people and align the purpose of the business with those who have the same trajectory of that purpose, magic happens.

You helped me make the next move. I hope everyone is able to retain that. I’m going to play that back up many times. Working with Oprah, what did you do for her?

She was doing a series at the time of Millionaire Moms. Moms that had taken an idea and made million-dollar businesses in it. In being part of that, what was happening before and after the show for my two cents was more entertaining than what was happening during the recording. She gave me some very good advice during that segment. I was supposed to say in the audience and I was ended up featured on the show. From that, I was like, “The after show is where the gems are.” She was like, “What are you saying?” I’m like, “You should create an after show.” We helped do the treatment for the after show, which became part of right after Oprah, which is the entrance into her digital scale.

It’s being able to identify that genius moment. Identify that very focused, the thing that will scale. It’s always related to the people, behavior watching what was going on in the audience working with Steve Harvey. Seeing that what his genius is across lots of different mediums and then being able to narrow that down, to stop the distractions and scale the brand based on what he does better than anybody else and help other people who for their own reasons were trying to stop him from doing that. One of the deals that we were working on in the negotiations, they were saying, “We love Steve, but if we can make them a little less funny,” and I’m like, “Funny is what he does. The minute you make him not funny, you’ve just ruined the entire brilliance.”

He’s got an amazing ability to take everyday situations. I don’t care what the situation is and make it hysterical. That’s his gift. Everything that he does has to celebrate that gift, or it’s the wrong fit. Most CEOs or leaders cannot see themselves well enough to understand what is that one thing that they do that nobody else can do. How do you build what we call the titanium circle around them to amplify that over and over again? That’s the beauty of scale.

Let me ask you, you have this new thing you came out with and it’s like, “I’m going to call it Genius.” I’m asking a whole bunch of questions right here. How does it work? What does it mean in the future that we’re living in now moving forward?

What I noticed over 35 years in business is, I’ve spent a good portion of my time in crisis and conflict management, and every crisis, conflict, and bad deal, was rooted in hurt and pain. What I’ve seen as a pattern is that there is an abundance amount of hurt and pain trapped within our companies, our communities, and our families are when you peel it all back, pain. As we went into this universal reset, it became every fiber in my being started screaming as loud as I can. I can’t even explain to you that I needed to do something to heal the pain trapped within businesses, but there is no tool to allow it to happen. As a behaviorist, what I know for a fact is that every human, no matter who you are, your subconscious believes your last best experience or your last worst experience and no amount of data is going to change what that last experience means.

What you’re saying is an acquisition, the subconscious is safe to repeat that?

Yes. If your pattern is that when you have a very strong female involved, that the deal is a good deal, then you believe that working with strong females is a good thing. Even if I give you data and say, “No, men have a higher success rate.” It doesn’t matter. You believe what your experience has told you. If that experience is negative, if you work with women and in the last field that you worked on, the woman who was the CFO tank the deal, then you believe women are bad with numbers. There’s no data that’s going to change your mind. You remember the last best or the least worst.

Is that right or is it wrong?

That’s your story. Your story is your perception. There is no right or wrong. You believe the story that you tell yourself, and that’s what you’re rooted in. It has nothing to do with me at all. It’s all within you.

I’m just what? 

You’re writing the script. You’re subconsciously writing the story of your life. You maneuver based on your belief system. The only way you’re going to change your beliefs if you have an experience that is counter to your belief. If you have an experience, you’re like, “I thought women were horrible with numbers, and look just what happened.” Now, you believe the experience.

That’s what you were saying, that you have to give them something else to reach for so that they can let go over here.

A new experience to hold onto that they believe in. I can’t give you my story. I have to give you your own story.

In a matter of moments, how quickly you were able to get made to understand that and be able to see it just by what you have shared. In the last story you were sharing with me, I went back to the previous thing that you would share and said, “You have to let this fear go and give him something else to reach for.”

In their language, that has meaning to them, and what happens in an organization, what happens into any relationship that has conflict. I’m trying to give you my story. I’m trying to give you my belief, but if you have nothing to hold on to that validates that, you don’t believe me. I have to tell you in your language and that’s what creates movement and growth. When I started to look at the operating system for people within an organization, it’s unhealthy, it does not work. It’s never worked and it creates conflict. The reason why it creates conflict because you cannot remove your biases what you believe because it’s rooted in best or worst experience. How do you pair the workload, the workflow to people without your biases getting involved?

I want to back up, is this what made you successful where you licensed that technology to Listerine?

Everything that I have done has been rooted in this process and this methodology that I have learned over time about people because I’m in a crisis. You’re trying to maneuver a lot of people into one common goal in a very short period of time.

Were you aware that you had this genius and you were working it or you were unaware?

I started to become aware of the tools that we were giving people that no matter who we gave them to, it caused the movement. As it started caused movement and I started to watch it heal. I started watching two adversarials. I have two people who absolutely hate each other and refuse to move on a deal and causing a lot of money. They were going out each other and I would come into it, and I would completely diffuse the situation by addressing the individuals in their own language, in what had meaning to them, and then explaining that.

If for some reason, if you were negatively wired to me, if I change and said, “What I’m hearing here is that you don’t want to give up the relationship with X in the business.” You were like, “No, it’s not that, it’s this. This is what’s important to me.” Realize that for me, that thing has no importance to me. Something is different that’s important to me and stop arguing about all of it, because it’s one thing that is causing the conflict. It’s one misfire that then we project, “It’s everything.” When something bad happens like, “The whole world sucks. Everybody hates me.” It’s never that. It’s usually one small thing and then we amplify it. That’s what I was always trying to do is get under it.

Your success, you went to Europe, you went to this medical conference and you saw this great technology. Can you explain how did you make that successful? What triggered in your mind to say, “This makes sense?”

I never know if my ideas make sense. They make sense to me and some of those ideas have gone very well. Some of those ideas, not so much. It’s a matter of honing your instinct. I was asked to speak at a medical conference. That alone was confusing to me because there was no reason why it should be at a medical conference. It was like, “I don’t even know how I got booked for this.” I move through the world with a fundamental belief that you are where you’re supposed to be even if you’re not sure why you’re there. I’m like, “I have no idea why I’m here, but there must be a reason.” I took a look at the itinerary and I said, “I’m going to sign up for a couple of these little workshops because I don’t speak until tomorrow anyway.”

Try to maximize my time to say, “There’s a reason why I’m here. I just need to find it.” In one of the workshops, there was a doctor at the front of the room. He and his team had created a patented technology that addresses old people who can’t swallow pills. They created this little piece of plastic that melted on your tongue, that delivered medicine. It was a medical delivery system for old people. I was like, “How cool is that? It’d be great because then I don’t have to chew gum and I can freshen my breath.” Since chewing gum for me doesn’t look feminine, but I like to have good breath. I was like, “If I could just put breath freshener on there, that would be a great idea for mass consumer goods.” I was like, “How much is it for a license for North America? I would like to use it in OTC, which is Over the Counter.” They were like, “Little lady, this is a highly sophisticated medical delivery system.” I’m like, “Yeah, I got that. That’s super cool, but I’m looking to solve a simple problem.” My ideas always have been simple that solve a problem for a mass amount of people.

Where did you go from there?

I acquired the license and I took the license and sold it to Dr. Fresh, and then Dr. Fresh sold it to Listerine. I didn’t invent anything. It was just a licensing deal.

I was an investor, I’m still an investor. I didn’t invent anything, but I saw something I invested in and we licensed it all over the place.

I took a patent that was in a different category and help them bring it into a category where it wouldn’t have been before and then that’s what happened.

Different applications for it.

It’s to solve a simple problem. I just want a nice breath.

It was a problem that you identified with yourself, but the massive said, “I like that.” To be honest, to tell you the truth, I liked it too. When it first came out, take that little thing and just stick it up. I was like, “Cool.” That was good.

All of my successes have always been solving a problem that I thought applied across the globe no different, the genius key. I see a problem. I see the pain that’s trapped. The old systems don’t work. We have to come back from this universal what we said better as humans than we were before because that’s what happened. If you take a look over the last many years, we’ve had lots of indications that we’re not treating people well. Before COVID, people were so angry, they hated their jobs, their boss, their neighbors, and they hated everything. Everybody hated everybody.

The university, “Since you hate everybody, we’re going to isolate you in your homes. Nobody can go anywhere.” Now, what are we saying? Now we’re saying, “That person that I’d never wanted to see, I would die to go back to my office. I just want to get back to people.” We had to be reset to realize that everything matters, every human matter, and the value of connection, what do we all starve for right now is connection. How are we going to go back into the businesses, go back into our communities with a better operating system so that we don’t repeat the mistakes?

Amilya, one of the things I noticed in the program that you have, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it takes away the racist aspect, discrimination versus if you’re older or young or whatever. Can you speak to that for me?

On one side of it, is the actual work that a company has to get done in order for it to achieve its goals. The work gets decoded into the genius keys for that project to succeed. The desired outcome of every individual project within the vision has keys assigned to it. On the other side, all of the individuals within the company also get decoded with what their natural genius is and they get keys. The matrix does a match between the work and the desired outcome that the team leader is looking for and everybody within the company that has a matching key. As an individual, I get prompted on my dashboard to say all of these projects match your genius and I can go, “This one wants my innovation key. This one wants my strategy key. This one wants my sales key.” I know why I’ve been called onto a project. I can examine all the parameters, how fast the project needs to be done. How many people are on the team and see if it feels good to me. If it does and I say, “Yes, I’m interested in this project.” Now it knows I’m a female.

That’s speeding up the huge profit margin. That’s tremendous.

The emotional wellbeing of the people, when you put people on work that they do naturally, that they feel good at, they get the sense of community like they never been done before. Most people want to achieve. Most people want to be seen, heard, recognized and valued for their contribution. If I give them work that doesn’t fit their genius, then they feel bad. They feel like, “I worked so hard on that.” You go, “That’s not what I intended. That’s not what I wanted.” You’ve got all this pain trapped in a business unintentionally. You get inside of a division in a company and you’re never going to see all of the possibility.

It’s like you’re unlocking all the energy.

Everything, the negative vibrations that unintentionally happens in a company do your removing. The guesswork sprays and pray. People assign work to somebody who just happens to be there or worked late, or I think you’ll get it done. 

You got this company. It’s got all these people in it. It’s got assignments that need to be done. I might need something is done and compliance. Your dashboard sits back and says, “This person here has the key for compliance.”

It’s highly detailed, fact-finding, data supporting, their natural availability is to go down deep on something and to verify facts. They’re checking.

That person may have been an admin. I had all this energy within my company. I had this gift already there. I didn’t see it. I didn’t know it was there. Here comes Amilya with this genius thing and I get to see this dashboard and it unlocks all this energy.

A CEO is like, “I need this done Monday morning. I need this project to move very fast. It’s not going to be 100% accurate because I only have a short period of time. It’s going to be 70% accurate and so it shows me, everybody in the company that can give me my outcome.” There’s no more guessing.

MBA 25 | Highest Growth Potential

Highest Growth Potential: So much conflict and crisis happen because people are holding so tightly to what they know, even if what they know is damaging.

How did you come up with this?

I was watching misalignment people who were giving projects to the wrong person, setting the wrong outcome like so much discord in a company because people guess. You’re basing it on your biases or what happens is if I’m an admin but my true passion is to be in sales.

You’re talking about a hierarchy, hires the wrong person for the task.

All the time. It’s because I want to work for your company the only job you have open right now is an admin. I’m going to take that job because it’s a foot in the door, but now statistics tell you that whatever your foot in the door is, you’ll never get to another department because now you’re an admin and you’re coded as admin. The guy who’s hiring over there doesn’t even see you. He’s going to hire from the outside. The right job in the right order all of that has been messed up and has been messed up for years because I give the project to my false belief system, not the reality of what you’re capable of. If you’re young, you don’t get assigned to certain projects.

You broke it down and you made it simple to understand, to digest and say, “I want to be a part of that.”

You give full power to the individual. There’s no way that I can say you’re not developing me because I can take the work that I have keys for. I desire that I want to go work over in a different department, that I don’t have a key for your dashboard will show you the learning program that you go through the learning program, and then you get that key. I can develop myself as much or as little as I want to, I can take on as much or as little projects as I want. All of the accusations of my employer don’t develop me because I’m a woman, I’m old or I’m young, all of that has gone.

Your vision for this project is what? Please share.

It’s to heal the pain. If I can go into organizations and set up so that people no longer unintentionally cause conflict and pain to each other and within the organization, that was the point to heal the pain.

It solves a huge problem in our society. It helps companies to become more proficient and efficient in what they’re doing. It allows a better workplace, work environment, and people to feel better about themselves.

It allows us to have an experience without our biases. We’re going to work together and you’re going to go, “I never realized that women are good at this,” because we come into the project blind. You don’t know who I am and then we pop on a project. We get a real experience with each other where we never would have worked together ever before because I’m in my own way. It brings people together blindly for the desired outcome.

Amilya, is there anything that you would like to say and share anything at all?

What I would want to share with people more than anything else is something is always happening and what is happening is not what you think it is. That pain or emptiness that you feel, not being seen, or not being recognized, that negativity, what you think is happening on the other side is not the same story. Seeking to understand and taking these tools so you get your power back so that you can show at your highest and best self in every situation. There’s something you could have done differently and you’re only in control of your side.

That is so mind-boggling to me. Amilya, I would like to ask you, if someone is interested in finding out more about your project, what’s going on so that they can possibly invest in it and then take a look at it and everything of that nature, how would they reach you?

On any social channels, if you can spell my name, you can find me, Amilya.com or GeniusKey.com.

Amilya, thank you so much for coming on to the show. I greatly appreciate it.


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