“Solomon’s Picks” What does this mean?

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In order to better serve you and expand your investing skill set. I have created a space, Solomon’s Picks, where you can locate current companies that I personally see excelling in the four main areas (pillars) of sustainability and growth.

These for indicators will always include:


Management must demonstrate a track record for scaling companies or introducing a product to the marketplace. My research team must give management a letter grade to compare to the top five in the industry in their performance.

Reinvestment of Management’s Capital

I look at the company’s willingness to invest its own money back into the business. This is a sign that management believes in the business. I believe if people invest in themselves, that is a sign of commitment and focus that bodes well for a company.

Triple Digit Growth

While many investors might settle for double digit growth, I look for companies that target and are not afraid to reach for triple digit growth.

Industry Growth Standards

Industry analysis can help a company identify both the opportunities and threats coming their way and give them a strong idea of the present and future scenario of the industry. The key to surviving is to understand the differences between yourself and your competitors in the industry and use it to your full advantage. Knowing how well competitors perform is key to your own victory.

By utilizing Solomon’s Picks, all of these attributing factors have been researched and validated in order to share our findings with you. This is impactful information for any investor, whether seasoned or novice.

Think of it this way…there is so much noise out there that traders and investors can become overwhelmed with the information on a certain company. Therefore, some important items become diluted in the hype. Solomon’s Picks is a neutral platform that simply shares the trends that you NEED to be looking at.


Each stock is scored with a proprietary rating system, and investors can sort and filter the list by sector, industry, price, date added, value score, market cap, and more. Also, news, a snapshot, and interactive charts are available for all stocks.

Best option for investors who want to save time on fundamental research.

In addition, subscribers can use various investment tools like the industry rank list, research reports, and the focus list.

Subscribing to Solomon’s Picks is a great investment and can help skyrocket your portfolio.